Funding the athletic department: the Booster Club and sponsors

Josh McCart
Staff Writer


The bill students receive each semester goes to fund different aspects of Hudson Valley, including the athletic department.

The athletic department needs a large amount of money to function. The money utilized by the athletic teams is funded by the Viking Booster Club and the fees paid by every Hudson Valley student.

To become a member of the Viking Booster Club, an individual can fill out the membership form on the Hudson Valley website. They can then donate any amount of money to help fund the athletic program. Based on the amount of money donated, contributors can receive Viking merchandise such as t-shirts, media guides or jackets.

According to Hudson Valley’s website, the records and activities fee, “Provides for student activities, intramural and intercollegiate athletics, cultural affairs activities, student transcripts and graduation.” For the Spring 2017 semester, the fee was $145 for each full time student.

The brand new Outdoor Athletic Complex was funded in part by the FSA and various sponsors.The cost of the complex was around $4 million. The Outdoor Athletic Complex includes a synthetic turf field, a scoreboard and lights, a grass practice field, bleachers and a 400-meter track.

The new complex provides many different sponsorship opportunities. For example, a company can name the new turf field for a price of $750,000. Other features of the complex can be sponsored for a different price.

Some of the cost were offset various individuals who donated to help the project be built. The complex was sponsored by the Faculty Student Association (FSA), and there were donations received from corporations, FSA board members, the Student Senate and other various groups.

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