Vikings prepare for spring

Zoe Deno
Staff Writer

Snow may be covering the fields, but coaches for spring sports teams are planning for the upcoming season.

The men’s baseball team has the bar set high for them this year due to the success of their past two seasons.

Currently, the team ranks in the top five nationally for base percentage, slugging percentage and batting average.

“I’m really excited for this season, we only have seven players returning, but all the guys on this team are guys who just want to win,” said Alex Jurczynski, the head coach of the baseball team.

Tryouts had a turnout of 30 players with 11 students making the team. They practice five-to-six days a week for two hours, following the National Junior College Athletic Association guidelines.

George Rafferty was hired recently as the coach for the women’s softball team. Due to his recent arrival, Rafferty is trying to increase recruitment for his team.

“I have only one returner from last year’s team and our numbers are extremely low,” said Rafferty.

Nine girls have tried out this season, and the team will continue to have open tryouts until the roster is full.

“There is an inherited need to increase our numbers to ensure that we have enough depth to compete in a competitive league,” said Rafferty.

Since their beginning of practice in October, Rafferty has been happy with their progress, as well as impressed with their work ethic and talent.

Men’s lacrosse Head coach Matt Johnson is modeling their training after the Navy Seals, preferring to have a smaller team made up of ‘higher caliber’ members.

The lacrosse team’s main goal of this season is making the playoffs.

The women’s golf program is about to start practices while looking to add members to its team.

“The indoor practices are going to allow everyone to kick the rust off of their golf swings and begin to get their golf swings back into playing shape,” said head coach of the women’s golf team, Alyssa Ruggiero.

Ruggiero’s goal for the season is to improve her members golfing skills both physically and mentally to enhance their love of the game.

“I expect my players to work hard at every practice and be fully invested in the team,” said Ruggiero.

The golf team practices near the campus at Pheasant Hollow Golf Club.

The Men’s lacrosse team will have their first game March 15., the women’s softball game on March 28., the women’s golf game on April 8. and the men’s baseball game on April 4.

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