Presidential candidate: Nathaneal Savasta

IMG-20170411-WA0001Photo by: Max Morand

Name: Nathanael Savasta
Party:The Representation Party
Hometown: Coxsackie, N.Y.
High School: Coxsackie-Athens High School
Major: Business Administration
Age: 19
Clubs/Organizations: Student Senate, Investment Club, Entrepreneurship Club

Why did you decide to run for this position? 

“In high school, I wasn’t very involved in anything other than athletics. Besides coming here everyday, going to classes and then going home I wanted to get more involved in extracurriculars. On top of that, I want to have more of a say in things.”

What are your qualifications to run?

“I have had a lot of leadership experience. I was involved in athletics a lot, I was captain of multiple sports, participated in student government at my high school. So, I think I have the qualifications that a leader has.”

Overall, what is your greatest asset?

“My work ethic. Over the years, I’ve developed and honed my work ethic. It’s applied to many things and I think it’s definitely helped me a lot throughout the way.”

Please provide three adjectives which describe your ability to lead.

“Loyal, honest and caring.”

“I’ve been told by many people that I have integrity and those all describe someone with the trait.”

Name five initiatives you’d like to focus on in your position.

“Student involvement. We have a small number of people running for Student Senate positions.”

“It’s not just that, It’s also club involvement.”

“I’d like to focus on advisement. I’ve heard mixed feelings about advisement here. I’d like to narrow it down and get at what the issue is.”

“Student academics. I think that students believe because they’re going to community college, they don’t to be as involved in their academics as they would at a 4 year school. That’s definitely not true. It’s important to transfer. With that said, I think it’s more important to have information on the transfer abilities and process as Hudson Valley. Whether it be what you need to do to transfer to a good college, or what colleges you should look into for your specific major.
“I would like to see more Hudson Valley pride. People say that it’s 13th grade. That’s definitely not true. This is a great college and I’d like to see the students believe that too.”

What have been some of your greatest experiences during the race so far?

“So far, it’s been getting together with my fellow party members. Coming up with campaigning strategies, discussing future plans we have if we’re elected. The mix of personalities of the five of us and getting together to collaborate has been the most interesting thing.”

What is the biggest problem with student life at Hudson Valley?

“The biggest problem is the lack of drive for students to do well in their classes and to get involved in all of the activities we have to offer on campus.”

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