Tips to succeed at Hudson Valley

Julio Rodriguez

Organization is key to success in college. Hudson Valley offers a variety of services to help students stay on top of their work. Photo by: Stephanie Saddlemire | Hudsonian

Organization is key to success in college. Hudson Valley offers a variety of services to help students stay on top of their work.

Always arrive well before your class starts

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed quite yet, but the campus parking is impossible. So, I would recommend arriving at least twenty minutes before your class starts to ensure that you’ll have time to walk to your building.
Take the time to join a club

The first year of college can be a stressful time, but you don’t have to go through it alone. The clubs on campus are always looking to gain new members, and you’ll be able to make some friends along the way.

Remember, college is not high school

The days of handing papers in late without any penalty are over. Welcome! You are now officially a student at an institution of higher education. Slacking off will result in less than favorable grades. Remember to stay on track. For example, consider reading the syllabus ahead of time to prepare yourself for the upcoming material.

Listen during syllabus week

Syllabus week might seem boring and unnecessary, but you will come to find that you’ll need to actually adhere to the syllabus in order to be successful throughout the semester. Look ahead at due dates, submission policies and other class-specific information to ensure that you’re on top of the ball.

Go to your professor’s office hours

Professors at Hudson Valley want to meet with you and answer your questions. Take the time to visit them during their office hours. You should especially feel inclined to visit if you’re struggling to understand a certain topic covered in class.

Take classes that challenge you

It’s easy to take classes that aren’t too rigorous in nature. Strive to take classes that will be intellectually challenging. Receiving a high grade in a more difficult class will give you a sense of pride that is truly unmatched.

Leave the past behind and take this time to grow

You’re no longer surrounded by the same distractions that often plague a high school setting. You’re really on your own and it’s your time to prove your worth. Forget the past and learn to focus on your own success.

Make sure you take advantage of campus resources

If you’re new to college, asking for help is not a bad thing. There are resources, such as the Learning Assistance Center and the Marvin Library Writing Lab, available to students to help ease the transition into college academics.

Be prepared to deal with blackboard

Blackboard will likely crash multiple times throughout the semester, so prepare yourself. If you find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated, walk away from the computer and revisit a few hours later. The problems are usually resolved quickly.

Be wary of the Mazzone chicken strips and fries
I’ll admit it, the chicken and fries platter is ecstasy-inducing. However, the aftermath of such enjoyment is not as favorable. The platter is delicious, but the grease is deadly. So be cautious with your food choices in the campus center. Overall, try to diversify your diet to include all major food groups or you will live to regret it.

Last, but not least,
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