Men’s soccer team rallies to win first home game

Brian Dengler
Staff Writer

Players exit the field after a one point win against Suny Ulster Courtesy of | Hudsonian

Players exit the field after a one point win against Suny Ulster

Last week, Hudson Valley’s men and women’s soccer teams started the season on a positive note, both going 3-0.

The week kicked off with a men’s soccer team home game on Tuesday against Fulton-Montgomery Community College. Despite receiving two yellow cards, the team dominated offensively, scoring all three goals in the first half.

About 12 minutes into the first period, sophomore midfielder Ryan Euell, a liberal arts major, scored the first goal of the game.

At 36 minutes, 51 seconds into the same period, Freshman Ethan Samarija scored the second goal, gaining a 2-0 advantage over Fulton-Montgomery. With only 46 seconds left in the first period, freshman midfielder Cetin Karaca, a computer science major, scored the third goal.

The second period was relatively quiet with no scores allowed on either side, allowing Hudson Valley to leave the game with a final score of 3-0.

The men’s team took action again on Thursday while facing Ulster County Community College at home. However, this game would not turn out to be as high scoring as their last, but the Vikings still claimed the victory with a final score of 1-0.

Sophomore midfielder Ethan Thomas, a criminal justice major, and Euell worked together to score the lone goal in the second period, leading the men’s team to their second victory.

Concluding the week, the women’s team went head-to-head with Holyoke Community College at home in what was a tight defensive contest. About 28 minutes into the first period, sophomore offensive player, Susannah Frisch, an individual studies major, broke the 0-0 tie by scoring the first goal of the game. Shortly thereafter, Holyoke tied it up, making the score 1-1.

After being stuck in a tie for quite some time, sophomore individual studies major Anna Colarusso, a midfielder, finally scored and brought the score up to 2-1. With only 16 seconds left in the period, Holyoke tied it up yet again, raising the score to 2-2, taking the game into the second period.

Unlike the first period, the second proved to be a tough battle for both offenses, as their defenses stepped up and nearly brought the game into overtime.

However, with only three minutes and ten seconds left, Freshman Sydnee Metzold received a penalty kick opportunity. Metzold took full advantage and scored the final goal in the game, leading Hudson Valley to its first win of the season and bringing their record to an even 1-1.

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