Men’s and women’s soccer teams continue winning streak

Brian Dengler
Staff Writer

Women's soccer beat SUNY Adirondack 7-0 this past week. Courtesy of ATHLETICS.HVCC.EDU | The Hudsonian

Women’s soccer beat SUNY Adirondack 7-0 this past week.

This week was a significant one for our soccer teams, as our men’s and women’s teams racked up some big wins yet again.

The women’s team took on the SUNY Adirondack Timber Wolves. winning the game by a landslide with an impressive score of 7-0.

Only three minutes, 46 seconds into the first half, freshman business major Leigha Alleshouse scored the first goal for Hudson Valley, kicking off the game with a 1-0 lead.

At the four minute, 45 second mark, sophomore Susannah Frisch, an individual studies major, scored the second goal of the half with an assist from midfielder Sydnee Metzold, a freshman individual studies major. To close out the first half, freshman Bethany Pochobradsky scored for Hudson Valley once again, bringing the score up to 3-0.

To open up the second half, Frisch scored her second goal that evening. Shortly thereafter, freshman midfielder Emily Cronk, a human services major, scored to bump the score up to 5-0.

To close out the game, freshman Paige Baile, an individual studies major, and sophomore individual studies major Sydney Buhrke, a midfielder, each made a goal, leaving Hudson Valley with a final score of 7-0. Our women’s soccer team is now 2-1.

Our Men’s soccer team also took on SUNY Adirondack in what proved to be another blow-out victory at 5-0. Straight out of the gate, Hudson Valley scored their first goal within the first minute and a half. After that, it was nothing but pure dominance.

Freshman midfielder Avery Cummins, an individual studies major, scored a goal for the Vikings, as did freshman defenseman Ethan Samarija, also an individual studies major. The MVP of the night was freshman business major Garrett Axtmann, a forward, who scored a whopping three goals, known as a hat trick, to close out a 5-0 win. The Men’s soccer team is now 3-1.

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