The Killers kill the charts with Wonderful Wonderful

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The Killers have people jamming with their newest album, Wonderful Wonderful.COURTESY OF WWW.PLASTICOSDECIBELOS.COM

The Killers have people jamming with their newest album, Wonderful Wonderful.

The Killers latest release, “Wonderful, Wonderful”, features alternative rock reminiscent of their previous work.

“Wonderful, Wonderful” is their sixth album, and their highest-rated since the release of “Sam’s Town” in 2006. The regular soundtrack features 10 tracks, while the deluxe features 13 tunes, each touching on subjects like persevering and love.

Band members Brandon Flowers, Dave Keuning, Mark Stoermer and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. continue to produce sounds similar to their hit singles like “Mr. Brightside” and “Somebody Told Me.”
The band started making music together in Las Vegas, Nev. in 2001.

The singles “The Man” and “Run for Cover,” released in June and July of 2017, have done extremely well and successfully increased fans’ anticipation for the album. Both singles remain true to the Killer’s aesthetic, although each has more of an upbeat personality than straight rock.

The Killers have an easy-listen sound. You can put this album on in the background while doing homework, or you can take a deeper look into the lyrics, almost certainly finding them easy to relate to. Whether a newcomer or an old fan, this album has something that everyone can enjoy.
Tracks like “Life to Come” and “Tyson vs. Douglas” discuss fighting and overcoming your fears.

Flowers’ passionate lyrics portray the message of finding a brighter and better perspective during hard times. The songs also speak of losing something important, and how to fight to get it back.

In “Tyson vs Douglas,” he expresses ideas about losing the fight but persevering through the loss. The moderate rock melodies and guitar lead give support to the serious lyrics.
The deeper you delve into the lyrics, the more messages you’ll find. Every song has something that any listener could relate to in some way. They are a band for the people, served up with a moderate-rock edge.

Although the band announced that they will be touring worldwide, it will be at half-strength, taking the stage without members Mark Stoermer and Dave Keuning. The Wonderful Wonderful World Tour kicks off in North America, and will begin on Jan. 5 2018.

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