Rhode Island artist demonstrates the power of paper

Richard Decker
Staff Writer

The walls of the Teaching Gallery are decorated with Owen’s talented take on 3D art. COURTESY OF HVCC.EDU

The walls of the Teaching Gallery are decorated with Owen’s talented take on 3D art.

The work of Rhode Island-based artist Barbara “Babs” Owens was displayed Thursday, Oct. 26, in “Vivid Forms: Cut Paper and Installations,” a new exhibition of wall installations, composed entirely of hand-painted and cut paper.

Owens hosted a talk in the BTC Auditorium, where she discussed the process of creating her elaborate art pieces and her background as an artist.

“Vivid Forms” went on display later that evening in the Teaching Gallery, located on the first and second floors of the Administration Building, and an opening reception was held for Hudson Valley students and the public.

The precision hand-cut and painted paper works adorned the walls of the gallery, blurring the line between painting and sculpture. Walking through the exhibit, viewers entered a new world left to examine the subtle divide between flat paintings and the third dimension.

Owens described how her unique artistic style came to be.

“I was alone with my thoughts and I started drawing,” Owens said. “I saw a shape I kept making without knowing why.”

Owens also commented on her transition to 3D art, explaining that she was initially confined to specific shapes. This restriction eventually led her to expand her breadth of talents and she began to hone her prowess in working with paper.

The Fine Arts, Theatre Arts and Digital Media Department invites many local artists to the Teaching Gallery to exhibit their works and expose students to mediums they may not see otherwise. All members of the community are encouraged to visit the exhibit.

“Vivid Forms” runs from Oct. 26 to Dec. 2 in the Teaching Gallery on the first floor of the Administration Building. It is free of charge and open to the public. Information and a photo gallery of the exhibit is available at http://www.hvcc.edu/teachinggallery/upcoming.html.

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