Superior Merch coffee is devilishly hip and worth the splurge

Grace Sgambettera
Creative Editor

Superior Merchandise Company, design shop and coffee bar is located in Downtown Troy. PHOTO BY GRACE SGAMBETTERA

Superior Merchandise Company, design shop and coffee bar is located in Downtown Troy.

Superior Merchandise Company is a locally-owned business that’s part design shop, part coffee bar and part dream come true for every coffee aficionado on the Hudson Valley Campus.

The shop is located in the heart of downtown Troy, less than three miles from campus, and offers 10 percent discount for students with ID.

Naturally, they offer a variety of coffee drinks, ranging from a simple iced coffee to a “gingersnap latte.” The menu also boasts assorted teas, pastries and even a craft beer or two.
SMCo uses specialty coffees, sourced both nationally and internationally, and they change the selections seasonally to keep the menu new and interesting. It’s a refreshing change from other coffee hotspots in the area, where routine reigns and it’s easy to get bored by the same coffee selection everyday.

My personal favorite is their latte, made from espresso beans that are imported from a roastery in Canada. It truly is the perfect drink to help stay warm on a chilly day. Although it seems like a simple drink, the quality is so divine that I never feel the need to add any sweeteners or flavors.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, SMCo offers pour-over brewed coffee, a method which releases more distinct flavors. My favorite pour-over beverage is their “Colombia Las Mercedes,” which is described by SMCo as having a “caramel aroma, toasted almond flavor, buttery body [and] clean finish.”

For non-coffee drinkers, SMCo’s fall tea menu is definitely worth the trip. I’d especially recommend their tea blend called “The Hibernator,” described as being a “herbal blend of milky oat tops, blackberry leaf, wood betony and anise. Silky, woodsy, floral.” This tea somehow manages to perfectly capture an autumnal mood in flavor form.

Menu selections aside, the atmosphere is quite aesthetically pleasing. The stark-white walls, vining plants on shelves and abundance of natural light is calming and serene. They also have a beautiful patio space open on sunny days, a dream come true for avid Instagrammers.

Additionally, you can visit their unique gift shop, filled with quirky and eclectic items like pottery, jewelry, t-shirts, candles and and other seemingly-obscure trinkets.

They also have their own design shop. A word to the wise, it’s not exactly budget-friendly. On more than one occasion I’ve had to fight the urge to make an impulse purchase, but a quick peek at the price tag usually does the trick!. Although it’s pricey, the shop supports independent artists, so, once in awhile, I don’t mind spending a little extra for an item I love.

Hudson Valley Students looking to drink (and shop) outside the box, look no further.

Superior Merchandise Company is located at 147 4th Street/Troy, NY 12180 and is open Weekdays 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. / Weekends 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. For more information, go to

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